What else?

General Information regarding the Waipari experience.


North Island March high 77F July low 38F. South Island – March high 81F July low 26F.


We can arrange for your trophy to be expedited to your home country or we can arrange taxidermy in New Zealand. Trophy normally shipped within 90 days.


Gun permits are easily obtained at Auckland airport upon arrival or online via the NZ Police website here . The cost is approximately NZD$25. Recommended firearms are 300 or 7mm. No pistols are allowed in New Zealand.


We recommend that clients have current medical and travel insurance.


For the majority of visitors traveling to New Zealand no visas are required. However, check with your travel agent first.


No vaccinations are required.


There are no snakes in New Zealand

Other activities

We can arrange all extra activities for your stay. You can participate in jet boating, rafting, bungy jumping, horse trekking, shopping and touring.